Retractable awnings are the perfect solution for providing shade to your home. They are a very popular choice for shading your patio or deck area allowing you to fully maximize your outside living space. Retractable awnings can be concealed when not in use, which allows for a cleaner look and provides sleek modern angles when projected out which can enhance the overall appearance of your home. Retractable Awnings are also free of any vertical obstructions such as support beams or columns found on shade structures like pergolas or gazebos. This gives you an unobstructed view and a larger walking area free of any obstacles. Retractable Awnings can also lower the ambient temperature by 20 degrees! This can not only allow you to enjoy the great outdoors during the hottest times of the year but can also drastically lower your electrical bill by keeping the Sun’s intense heat from penetrating into your home! One of the most exciting features about Retractable Awnings is that they are a roof when you need one and open skies when you don’t! Lastly, Retractable Awnings have a major advantage over fixed shading structures such as Pergolas and Gazebos, in the fact that they allow natural light to still enter the home. Unlike Retractable Awnings, standard Pergolas and Gazebos will drastically darken the inside of your home, hindering the natural light from entering through your windows. This can make the home a very dark, dreary and depressing place. If however the Pergola system is the best solution for your home, check out our Pergolas page. We offer retractable roof bioclimatic pergola systems which allows you to control the amount of light desired in the home! 

Compliment the exterior appearance of your home with our custom stationary awnings.  These can be made with every color imaginable bringing vibrancy and life to your home.  Stationary or Fixed Frame awnings are very popular among commercial businesses due to the fact that they can be used to promote company branding by adding logos or marketing material to the surface of the awning which captures the attention of the human eye. Awnings can be used for shading and protecting people from the elements in applications such as entry ways, windows, patios, decks, etc. 

Gone are the days when terrace roofing was limited to its pure function. Today, sun protection is an essential element in the design of patios and balconies.  Here you can see how a beautiful design with Boomswag's awnings works. Contact us to schedule a design consultation.

Contemporary architecture is one thing above all: purist. Straight lines, a clear-cut design, no frills to be seen. Nothing distracts the eye. This form of lifestyle culture conveys peace to the senses. And then it makes sense to adapt any additional detail to complement the architecture.